Anyone that knows me personally knows that I take my business, and, of course, our reviews, very seriously. I’d like to thank our customer, Colin, who made me pull the trigger on this decision... As of tonight, August 29, 2018, we will be ENDING our relationship with GrubHub. While I understand this may initially be an inconvenience to you and the way you order from us, I’m forced to make this decision based upon the excessive fees charged to use this platform. However, I am very excited to announce that our new online ordering system will be up and running in the next week or so! I promise our platform will be easy to use and have new features and benefits, including that we will get your order within seconds! I will keep striving to bring you the best food and keep my customers 110% satisfied! I apologize to any customers that have experienced issues with GrubHub and as token of my gratitude to keep you as a customer, please mention this post and you will receive $5 off your order!!